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We Won a BBC Radio 'Make a Difference' Award!

Date: 23/9/22

After being nominated by a friend in Ipswich, and supported by lots of other friends and 'champions', we - the directors of Aspire Black Suffolk - picked up the Community Group BBC Suffolk Make a Difference Award for our work over the last year (we're approaching our first year anniversary). Taking place on Thursday 22 September, every person in the room was a winner!

Since receiving our first start up grant from Suffolk County Council in autumn 2021, together we have delivered almost £100,000 worth of community impact projects thanks to grants. The projects include new Black history education books for schools, colleges and museums, which share untold local Black histories; a human library project where young people interviewed elders and share their

stories via audio; and a forthcoming short film of Black men sharing thoughts in an Ipswich barber's shop.

In addition, we're working on the Power of Stories tour which is an exhibition like no

other; it features three original costumes from Marvel Studios' 2018 Black Panther blockbuster, and is a catalyst for telling Black stories from rural Suffolk.

We do our work because it is needed, but it's always wonderful to be recognised for the long hours we have invested into creating pioneering projects for the benefit of mainly young people from diverse communities.

Find out more here.

ID: A collection of five photos of the directors who are four Black women. Four of the photos are in a large conference room with lots of pink ans blue lighting. One photo is of a transparent, rectangular, perspex award with the words: BBC Radio Suffolk - make a difference 2022 - winner - the community group award - Aspire Black Suffolk

Credits - top right: BBC Radio Suffolk. The other images by Aspire Black Suffolk.

Want to benefit from our full service diversity and inclusion services and training? Take a look at what we do. Or drop us a line.

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