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A Tragic Death, how do we address Serious Violence against Children and Young People

Updated: May 2

Yesterday, we lost yet another young Black life. Daniel Anjorin, a child taken from us in a senseless act of violence. Many parents of Black and Brown children will feel the pain and fear of these news stories, which are all too familiar. It is natural to ask ourselves, how do we protect our children from these violent acts, and should we, as a society, be doing more?

Photo from Metro

Adding to this is the emotions from the recent youth led Hope Hack, hosted at Ipswich Town Football Club last Friday. Young people and organisations came together to explore the issues surrounding Serious Youth Crime and practical solutions. It was an impactful thought-provoking event which highlighted inequalities within Education, Poverty, Inequalities, Racism and Division.

While the event focused on Damilola Taylor, and young people’s thoughts on Serious Youth Crime, and their Hopes for a better Future. The tragic loss of Daniel Anjorin although reported as random, reminds us that violence towards children and young people is still prevalent, having a profound impact on our communities.

These events trigger questions like ;.

•            How do we confront the harsh reality that Black and Brown children are at a disproportionately higher risk of experiencing violence whether it be on the streets or in their communities?

•            When acknowledging this, how do we start this horrendous conversation with our children, that they are at more risk, purely because of their colour.

How do we build resilience and strength in the face of such adversity, especially when young people are confronted with the daily threat of violence, just living while Black.

The Hope Collective are pushing for policy reforms, Young Ambassadors @ Volunteering Matters are championing the power of Youth Social Action, we all have a responsibility to promote equality and justice for all, to combat violence.

Although, we are all trying to understand this serious crime, our thoughts go out to Daniels family at this devastating time.

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