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Diversity Training

We offer supportive corporate training for employers who are on a journey to better diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our training can be delivered online or in-person for groups or individuals.

Don't wait for a workplace crisis to happen - book us now to make sure your people are on the same page.

We have experience in training HR professionals, the police, academic staff, teachers, EDI leads and marketers. We prefer to take a bespoke approach to ensure you receive the most relevant training for your organisation. 

Diversity training and consultancy include...

  • Unconscious bias training

  • Setting up employee groups 

  • Leadership for people of colour

  • EDI mentoring

  • Inclusive marketing 

Our training can be delivered in a traditional manner, but we think interactive approaches are more engaging.


We can work with up to 30 people at a time, to ensure everyone learns. If you would like us to speak to more than 30, please contact us about our speaker fees. 

The training is usually delivered individually by our consultants through their own consultancy businesses. But feel free to contact us via this website.

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