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School workshops

Black Lives Matter revealed a huge gap in the curriculum. We help educators address this issue by providing fun, creative and engaging workshops which teach about the Black community's huge contribution to society. Our workshops aim to...
  • Inspire students to reflect on black history and equality.

  • Build wellbeing through pride in personal, local and global Black heritage.

  • Develop knowledge and understanding through exchange of ideas.

  • Active partnership working between culture, public health, education and the Black community.

Our workshops are listed below. Each one is 90 minutes and costs up to £600:

  • A DBS-checked workshop facilitator (an Aspire Black Suffolk director or other trained facilitator)

  • A co-facilitator.

  • Up to 30 print copies of our Back history education book, Elimu - The Little Book of Knowledge.

‘A positive, fun and creative time was had by all.’


‘The workshop helped students to see how multicultural Ipswich is and to establish a sense of belonging.’


‘It was wonderful to see the learners so engaged and concentrating so hard’

As an optional extra, we can curate and buy a Black book collection for your class or school on your behalf.  


We adhere to all safeguarding policies. Feel free to take a look at ours.

Black Heroes On Your Doorstep

  • A fun, interactive, art-based workshop about diversity.

  • Led by a professional Black artist.

  • Students' arts will go on display in the school at the end of the workshop.

  • Suitable for KS2 - KS3

Windrush Stories

  • Selection of Windrush-themed workshops

  • Explores Windrush stories from your local Black community. If based outside Ipswich, for an additional fee we can carry out research to reveal untold Black stories and engage local people.

  • Students learn about the job roles of the Windrush Pioneers.

  • Spoken word-based activity on the topic of migration.

  • Suitable for KS2 - KS4.

Meet A Windrush Pioneer

  • Meet real-life heroes from our diverse communities in Suffolk. If outside Suffolk, for an additional fee we can carry out local research.

  • Explores cultural and heritage of the Black community in Britain.

  • The stories aim to help students build curriculum skills.

  • Suitable for KS2 - KS4.

My Hair Is My Crown

  • Workshop about the importance and symbolism of natural, afro-textured hair.

  • Real-hair dolls allow students to explore and talk about afro-textured hair.

  • Respectfully introduces diverse traditions through hair styling and African cultural styling items.

  • Highlights communities' similarities and differences.

  • Suitable for pre-school to Year 4.

Capture The Moment

  • A creative workshop exploring how young people are perceived in the media.

  • Focuses on stories we're told about gender, abilities and ethnicity by the mainstream press.

  • Introducing photographs and the power of images.

  • Suitable for students from primary school.

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