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Black History in Schools

Don't wait until Black History Month to teach students about Black history. Teaching it all year round as part of the curriculum is key to removing the tokenism and promoting respectful communities. Black history is everyone's history, but it is often still taught without real understanding.

British Black history is amazing! It's full of incredible stories reaching back to ancient times, through tock heroes-in-the-making.

We provide education resources for students from primary to FE. We create content which is engaging, fun and can even include stories from your local black community and heritage.

In partnership with the Association of Suffolk Museums we have created a FREE Black history education book, which includes stories from local communities with links to museum displays.

We train teachers in delivering lessons from the book in the appropriate manner,  Further more, we can coach staff in handling racism in class effectively - a very real possibility.

Schools around the country can also work with us if you need your own localised Black history education content.

Contact us to find out more about how we can work together.

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