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Work with Us

We offer workshops and other activities designed to take us towards a more equitable society, and which celebrates diversity. All services that are not funded by grants are delivered through our individual consultancy businesses. Please contact us for more information.

We aim to create supportive, brave spaces in schools, cultural settings and other sectors to enable this important work to happen.


With no blame, no exclusion, and a lot of encouragement. But we will point out what needs to change and hold anyone we work with accountable, as this is how we make change.


To work with us, we expect you to be able to answer 'yes' to these questions.

  • Are you ready to take on this work in a meaningful way?

  • Are you committed to go beyond a tick-box exercise?

  • Are you prepared to make structural changes to meet your EDI goals?

  • Are you willing to absorb new learnings and to un-learn out-moded practices?

  • Are you open to 'sitting in discomfort' and having courageous conversations?

If you're unsure, please take more time to reflect on what is best for your organisation. Or contact us for a chat.

What we do often requires deep emotional work; our fees reflect this. We strive to help our experts stay well, so all of us can provide a sustainable service.


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