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Listen to us on BBC 6Music's Lauren Laverne Show!

On Thursday 1 December, Aspire Black Suffolk's founder and co-director, Elma Glasgow, shared the Power of Stories with more than 30 million people via the Lauren Laverne Show on BBC 6Music!

The 6 Museum slot on Lauren's show is all about museums doing quirky and unexpected things around the country. And with its three original lead costumes from the first Black Panther movie, Power of Stories in rural Suffolk certainly fits the bill!

Lauren loved how the Power of Stories tour is a partnership with Marvel Studios, Aspire, the Association for Suffolk Museums.

With the exhibition currently visiting Snape Maltings (or Britten Pears Arts) in East Suffolk; Lauren was also impressed with the wonderful impact the tour is having on the Black communities and across other ethnicities.

Graphic from BBC Sounds

ID: Graphic from BBC Sounds.

The project's ethos includes empowering Black people to share their stories, and for heritage and cultural organisations to improve representation. Lauren also appreciated this aspect, and explained how powerful it is for her white teenage son to see Black presentation on screen, as the norm.

Power of Stories is taking people by surprise; the large team behind it, including other local museums and creative professionals, is showing the rest of the country what can be done with disruptive thinking, a willingness to be vulnerable and honest with each other, and a plenty of hard work.

This essential, progressive work is happening outside of large metropolitan areas, which is rare and deserves recognition by Lauren and her team!

Listen to Elma and Lauren chat about Power of Stories, and the item Elma 'donated' to The 6 Museum: Chadwick Boseman's stunning Black Panther costume! The interview starts at 1:10:00.

To visit Power of Stories, here's how you can get there.

For media enquiries please contact

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