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FREE MARKETING WEBINAR: introduction to engaging with diverse audiences

Do you struggle with knowing where to start when engaging with diverse audiences?

Do you want to - and need to - know how to be more inclusive with your communications practices, to help your brand or organisation keep up with rapid changes in society?

Are you worried about saying 'the wrong thing' or using offensive visual content?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then sign up to this free webinar which will introduce you to how to reach out and engage diverse audiences, and how to avoid bias or racism in your communications.

This FREE 1 hour webinar* with Elma Glasgow, PR consultant, trained journalist and founder/ director of pro-equality social enterprise Aspire Black Suffolk CIC. There'll be a 45 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&As.

Caption: A young Black woman and man sit closely together on a bench chatting, Photo by Alex Holyoake via Unsplash.

The webinar is suitable for anyone working in marketing / communications in the arts, culture, heritage and education - or for any brand which is struggling to advance their communications.

You'll gain...

— A deeper knowledge of how inclusiveness begins behind the scenes.

— How to be authentic with audiences.

— An understanding of how to weave anti-racism into marketing and communications.

— Insight into how brands can be successfully inclusive while increasing footfall/ sales.

— Resources to help you in your work.

— How to have 'brave conversations'**.

*This webinar will be recorded and shared with people who sign up but can't attend, and to anyone signing up to receive the link via

** Term used within the context of decolonisation of curation by Ipswich Museums.


About the host, Elma Glasgow

With 25 years' experience working in communications for a diversity of brands ranging from world-class businesses to grassroots organisations, Elma Glasgow specialises in producing and delivering media relations campaigns for clients with purpose at their core.

Elma started her career in journalism and TV, but she found direction at the UK’s first digital PR agency focusing on major film and music releases. Then, she moved into the charity sector, delivering campaigns for organisations including the British Red Cross and Comic Relief. As a PR consultant, Elma has delivered coverage, consultancy and coaching for ethical, cultural and innovation brands.

She has secured stories in national titles including The Guardian, The Observer, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times, Woman & Home, The Sunday Times, The Voice, ITV and BBC News, as well as local, international and trade press.

In 2020/1, Elma created and launched a new Black cultural initiative (Aspire Black Suffolk) which ran in partnership with the Power of Stories exhibition by Ipswich Museums. The exhibition, which features three original costumes from Marvel Studios' Black Panther film (2018), and won a prestigious award for attracting diverse and minority communities because of the genuine intention and curatorial transparency behind the exhibition.

After working largely as a volunteer to help provide a platform for the local Black community, Elma set up Aspire as a company in November 2021, using start up funding from Suffolk County Council and by inviting three other Black, female professionals to join the board.

​Combining her above expertise with lived experience, Elma focuses on decolonisation in the arts, diversity and inclusion, and anti-racist communications.

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